Early Childhood Learning Center

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Newburgh Learning Center

Orange County’s Premiere Daycare

Hours: 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Serving children 8 weeks to 12 years.


5288 Route 9W
Newburgh, NY 12550

Providing an education that leads to the foundation for a better future

Our youngest learners range from 8 weeks to 18 months old.  For many families, the Infant program is their first experience with daycare.  Our staff work diligently to make this transition a smooth and happy one for all involved.  The Infant rooms provide a warm, nurturing environment where the individual needs of each baby can be met.  Infants are encouraged to explore in a safe environment using their five senses, copying simple actions and sounds of people around them, and exploring developmentally appropriate toys.

  • Individualized care plans to support feeding, sleeping, and other unique needs.
  • Sensory rich spaces for infants of all mobilities to explore
  • Highly qualified staff supporting the development of language development through repetitive sing-song talk


Our busiest learners range from 18 months to 3 years old.  The Toddler Rooms provide play experiences that are built around this age group’s natural desire to push boundaries and their limitless curiosity.  At this age, staff are working with children to develop language, explore numbers and environmental print, build towards following simple instructions, engage in sensory exploration, and embrace the independence that comes with child-sized furniture.  When families are ready, staff are willing and prepared to also assist in potty training.

  • Flexible centers allow for Toddlers to explore play areas, develop a respect for classroom spaces, and practice new skills in all developmental domains
  • Children are able to exert their independence through decision making opportunities provided by the teaching staff
  • Connection will begin to be made in regard to colors, shapes, and emotions

As their little minds begin to mature, the sky is the limit for our Preschoolers.  The learners in these groups are preparing for the Pre-Kindergarten program by developing their math, language, science, creative, and social skills.  The Preschool rooms have learning centers that encourage children to explore materials with guidance of teachers either individually or in small groups. Preschoolers relish in their friendships at this age and it is in those moments that we are thankful to be able to watch their relationships flourish.

  • Teaching staff use thematic lesson plans to adapt to your child’s strengths and interests
  • Your child’s thinking will be guided through purposeful play and meaningful questioning
  • Connections will begin to be made in regard to letter, name, and number recognition
  • Motor skills, both large and fine, will be built upon and hand-eye coordination will continue to be challenged to encourage growth

Children in our Pre-Kindergarten program are introduced to more structured routines, learning centers, and lessons in the classroom. While much of their learning is still through play, children are also practicing Kindergarten readiness skills and expanding their focus to ensure Kindergarten success.  In this program, children gain independence that will prepare them for their transition to Kindergarten, while at the same time making the most of this special time and celebrating our school community. You and your child will leave the Pre-Kindergarten program with lifelong friends and a strong support system as you navigate the next chapter in your lives.

  • Time for both independent and teamwork opportunities will be allotted to help children feel confident in all types of settings
  • Children will be introduced to remote learning resources so they are prepared for the various platforms they may encounter in a Kindergarten classroom
  • Teaching staff will continue to scaffold learning by working on early literacy skills that will lead to the early stages of reading

The oldest learners in our building utilize a more mature space for children in Grades K-5 who need supplemental care when they cannot physically be at the school in which they are registered.  Our program goes beyond fostering remote learning, offering homework help, and getting children on and off the bus, but also encourages friendships and supports children in becoming the kindest, happiest, and healthiest versions of themselves.

  • Pattycake Playhouse, Inc. is considered a pickup and drop off location for the Marlboro Central School District
  • Full day childcare is available for children in all districts, whether they need care during seasonal breaks or during periods of remote learning